Meet Our Staff

Pastor Mebane McMahon

Lead Pastor

Pastor Chris Rinker

Associate Pastor

Doris Ing

Pastor of Family Ministries

Zoe Zuccaro

Nursery Coordinator

Zach Peterson

Associate Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Denise Gorden

Director of Outreach

Katy Wright

Director of Communications and Digital Ministry

Bob Slee

Executive Director of Ministry

Amy Grant

Director of Administrative Services

Wendy Blum

Administrative Support

Denise Regenbogen

Financial Administrator

Brian Luke

Choir Director/Organist

Mary Gardner


Phil Nagy

Praise Band Leader

Eric Gauder

Media Team Coordinator

Randy Brewer

Facilities Maintenance

Tracey Castrejon

Superintendent of Cleaning Services

Meet Our Lead Team

The Lead Team is the official governing council of the church. Elected members serve the church by vision casting, setting priorities for mission and ministry, overseeing campus management, evaluating staff, and creating policies for effective management and administration.

Diane Seiple

Mary Kay Purdy
Recording Secretary

Larry Hookway

Bob Miller
Staff Parish Relations

Barb Ingram

Tracy Reed

JoAnna Freeman

Mebane McMahon
Lead Pastor

David Gardner

Brad Gauder
Member at Large

Rebecca Sutton
Member at Large

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